320 Acre Artois Almond Orchard


The property is located on the southwest side of County Road P and County Road 30; it is approximately 7 miles southeast of the city of Orland, Glenn County, California.


The property is made up of four (4) parcels that total 320.94 assessed acres and are further described as Glenn County Assessor Parcel Numbers:  

  • 024-060-020 
  • 024-060-021 
  • 024-060-022 
  • 024-060-023 


Agriculture AP-80.  All parcels have existing Williamson Act Contracts.


The entire property is planted to an Almond Orchard.  Approximately 160 acres was planted in the fall of 2016 and 160 acres was planted in early 2017.  The orchard was developed with no expense spared.    


The soils on this ranch are all Class #1 & Class #2 soils which include Tehama Loam, Hillgate Loam and Arbuckle Gravelly Sandy Loam 


The property has excellent water quantity and quality deriving from two (2) sources.  Each eighty (80) acre parcel has its own 16 inch well for a total of four (4) wells on the property.  Water is delivered to the trees by micro sprinklers on a brand new designed irrigation system.  In addition to the well water, the property is in the Orland Artois Water District which received allocation in 2016 and has district outlets on site.  Finally, the property has four (4) large water holding reservoirs for easy water storage of well or district water. A property with dual sources of surface and well water is a rare find in todays market.


Approximately 160 acres of the property is planted to 50% Nonpareil, 25% Wood Colony and 25% Aldrich variety almonds on Krymsk rootstock and 22 X 15 foot spacing. The remaining 160 acres is planted to Independence variety almonds on Nemaguard rootstock and 20 X 14 foot spacing. 



The property has two shops.  The newer shop is 2,400 square feet and has metal framing and siding on a concrete slab foundation.  The structure is improved with electrical power and water and has two roll up doors.  The older 1,189 square foot shop is wood framed with metal siding and a concrete slab foundation. 



This property has all the attributes of a class one ranch.  With its excellent soil, plentiful water and perfect climate for growing almonds, it will be a top producing orchard well into the future.    


$8,960,000.  Cash to Seller.