197.92 Acres, Sutter Basin Farm Land

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Location:      The property is located in the Sutter Basin on Everglade road just to the west of Reclamation Road.  The property is in between the towns of Robbins, CA and Meridian, CA.  The property can be easily accessed by taking Everglade Road to the west off of Reclamation Road.  The property lies on the north side of Everglade road. 

Legal:            The property is made up of one (1) Sutter County Assessor’s Parcel # described as:

  • 24-100-003
  • Total – 197.92 Assessed Acres

Farming History:   The property has an excellent history of being able to grow a variety of farm crops including rice, tomatoes, alfalfa, corn, beans and wheat.  The property has 180.1 acres of crop land described as Sutter County FSA Tract # 6813 fields 75, 76 and 77.

Water:  The property is located in the Sutter Mutual Water District which receives its water right from the Sacramento River.  The property has a very reliable history of receiving water.  Water is delivered to the property through a system of district canals and irrigates by gravity flow water.

Soils:  The soils on the ranch are excellent and allow for a rotation of crops.  The USDA irrigated capability class shows the soils to be all rated as Class 2 Columbia Fine Sandy Loam, Capay Silty Clay and Shanghai Silt Loam.  See the included soil map for reference.   

2018 Lease:            Sale is subject to a 2018 lease.  Property shall be free of all leases at the completion of the 2018 crop harvest, no later than December 1, 2018.

Comments:            It is rare that a property of this caliber comes up for sale in the Sutter Basin.  This farm has excellent soil and water and the ability to rotate a variety of crops.  Call Cornerstone Land Company for a private property tour.

Price:                       $2,180,000.  Cash to Seller.


Gabe Foster – (530) 300-0479


Josh Cook – (530) 300-5294

Price:$Recently Sold
Address:Sutter Basin
City:Sutter County
County:Sutter County

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