Josh Cook



Notable Statistics

55 transactions that have totaled over $205,000,000 in closed sales

A New Vision

In 2019 God began to stir a new vision for the company in Josh and the rest of the team’s hearts.

Since the inception of Cornerstone Land Company, Josh has overseen and/or handled 55 transactions that have totaled over $205,000,000 in closed sales with over $40,000,000 of additional current Pending Sales.  A majority of these deals were handled together with his brother in law, friend and partner Gabe Foster.  And while financial success is one way to tell a story, Josh felt the call to something more significant for the future.

In 2019 God began to stir a new vision for the company in Josh and the rest of the team’s hearts.  This is a vision to not only continue to offer the best Agriculture Real Estate services in Northern California, but to use the financial success of our clients and Cornerstone Land Company as a spring board to give to and bring awareness for those in need.  This new vision has propelled Josh and Cornerstone Land Company into a new motivation for success in real estate for the future.  This new opportunity has already led to over $25,000 being committed in 2019 to the foundations chosen by our team with much more to come.  For Josh, this is something to be excited about.

Josh Cut OUt


Josh has worked in the business world for over 17 years and had been involved in various sales, leasing, finance and management positions before finding a career he truly loves in Agriculture Real Estate.   In 2009 he was led into this new adventure when he became a real estate agent at Stromer Realty Company of California.  Josh immersed himself into learning all he could about the business of selling farms and ranches and success soon followed.  The perfect combination of being outdoors and meeting new people made this a truly enjoyable career.  In the fall of 2014, Josh achieved his Brokers license and set out with his brother in law Gabriel Foster with a vision for a new Agricultural Real Estate company and Cornerstone Land Company was born.    Josh has served as the Broker/Co-Owner of Cornerstone and has been amazed to see the blessing and early success of this company.


Josh is very proud of his family of five that include his beautiful wife of 18 years Heather and their three children Emma, Naomi and Jude.  Josh serves his church family as a worship leader at the Bride Church in Yuba City and loves singing about and sharing the gospel.  Josh also has a passion for baseball and played 4 years of professional baseball for the San Francisco Giants organization.  He currently coaches his sons little league team.  Josh loves the outdoor life and hunting, fishing, hiking, and farming are all passions.

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