190 Acres Planted Almonds

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The property is located on the east side of Pacific Avenue in between the towns of Nicolaus and Pleasant Grove, Sutter County, California.


The property is made up of two (2) parcels that total 254.7 assessed acres and is legally described as Sutter

County Assessor Parcel Numbers:

• 33-220-010

• 33-250-006


The property is planted to 190 acres, more or less, of Almond Orchard that was planted in November of 2016.


The soils on this ranch are Capay Silty Clay, which are rated Class 2 by the USDA Irrigated Capability Class.


The property has two water sources and is currently irrigated with two on site pump and wells. In addition to the well water, the property is located in the South Sutter water district which receives its surface water rights from Camp Far West Reservoir. Water is delivered to each tree by a new micro jet sprinkler irrigation system.


The orchard is planted to 2/3rds Nonpareil variety, 1/6th Monterey variety and 1/6th Wood Colony varieties on a 21 X 13 foot spacing and Root pack R rootstock.


Call Cornerstone Land Company to set up a private tour of this property. This orchard is only a few short years from full production and should produce a small crop in 2019.

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Josh Cook


Notable Statistics

55 transactions that have totaled over $205,000,000 in closed sales


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