4090 Feather River Blvd



This property is located on the south side of Mage Avenue in the heart of Yuba County between the HWY-65 and the HWY-70 interchange. The property lies on the south edge of the community of Olivehurst, California.


The property is made up of 3 parcels which total 30 assessed acres, more or less and are further described as Yuba County APN #’s: 014-220-006, 014-220-007 & 014-220-015.


The zoning for this property as designated by the county is RE – Residential Estate. This zoning would potentially allow for residential lots. Agriculture is an approved use for the property.


The property consists of approximately 28 +/- acres of Independence almond orchard planted in October of 2018 on Rootpak R rootstock. 2020 marks the 2nd leaf of this orchard. Spacing on the orchard is 21 X 13 feet. The property was developed with ripping in 3 directions.


The soils on this ranch are well suited for orchard production.


The orchard is irrigated by one private well with a 15 horsepower submersible electric pump and water is delivered to the trees by double drip line irrigation.


This almond orchard had excellent growth in it’s first year of growth in 2019. Except for a replants of trees needed the trees grew as good as could be expected in their first year. The property has an excellent location and possibly offers future potential for residential development on 11 acres.

CLC -30 Sold
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